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YL250A hydraulic clutch gearbox
  • YL250A hydraulic clutch gearbox
Hydraulic clutch gearbox

YL250A hydraulic clutch gearbox

This product has a clutch function and can be paired with diesel engines with different steering directions. It is suitable for long-term combinations of continuous working machinery or a frequent clutch of continuous working machinery; It can be widely used in conjunction with various types of marine auxiliary engines or general machinery (such as generators, fans, compressors, and various pumps, winders, etc.)
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  • Parameter
Clutch model YL250A
Input coupling form Toothed rubber elastic coupling (optional according to the original power machine)
Input speed (rpm) Low-speed version (S) 500~1000
High speed (S) 1000~2500
Input torque (N • m) 2500
Net weight ~210
Overall dimensions 554X425X635
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As professional YL250A hydraulic clutch gearbox company and custom YL250A hydraulic clutch gearbox factory, Hangzhou Weihao Clutch Co., Ltd was founded in 1992. The company integrates design and manufacture, and mainly provides various supporting gearboxes for fishing, dredging engineering,environmental-protection engineering, various conservancy projects, metallurgy, minerals, electric power, coals.
In addition, in order to enhance technical capabilities and absorb manufacturing technology from various countries around the world, the company also undertakes large-scale imported gearbox maintenance business and has successfully repaired gearboxes imported from countries such as the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Germany, and the United States.

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